Film, video and animation

Our home-grown film and animation team has been producing videos for our IT and Fintech clients for the last 14 years.

With services spanning onsite filming to keyframe animation, we produce videos in a variety of styles to support a range of requirements including product marketing, testimonials, training, communications, webinars, social content and much more.


Videos produced by Prism gather the skill and expertise of a cross-functional team of Prism’s designers, copywriters, animators and video editors.

Together, we work alongside our clients through the detailed process of creative concept development, scripting and storyboarding, filming, animating, transcription, sourcing stock footage and voiceovers, and video edits, before delivering the finished product.

Fintech interactive website case study - WorldFirst


Creative services for Fintech- easel

The film crew move around the globe as and when required and are available to film your next shoot! Our experienced team will direct and film participants, products and B-roll, and ensure the set and lighting is fit for purpose.


Content marketing services for Fintech - plane

Our in-house animators and character designers develop motion graphics and long-form animation in a variety of styles ranging from pure keyframe animation to overlays over film and stock footage.


Digital marketing services for Fintech - interactive screen

Production requirements vary on a video-by-video basis, but services include editing of footage, sourcing of music and voiceovers, transcribing, hosting and repurposing for additional sales and marketing communications.

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