Supporting Fintech’s finest B2B marketing, sales and internal comms teams as they revolutionise finance across the world.

As the Fintech landscape changes, so too must the way you communicate with your prospects, partners and customers. And for that, you need a team that’s a dab hand at creative, content and digital marketing, but also one that knows the Fintech industry – and its many subverticals - inside out.

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Why Prism for Fintech?

Fintech is an industry full to the brim with movers and shakers. Disruptor brands, emerging technologies and rapidly changing customer preferences make for an industry like no other. At Prism, we’ve traversed this unique B2B landscape for a number of years. We understand its complexities, its partner ecosystem, and sub-verticals such as payments, travel, FX and banking like no other.

What have we helped our Fintech clients achieve?

  • Launch new products globally
  • Develop and promote influential industry reports and digital content
  • Win key enterprise accounts through sales and marketing alignment
  • Train, onboard and educate internal employees
  • Pivot strategy and execution as the goalposts move – often unexpectedly!
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Prism’s cross-functional teams combine the best creative, content and digital assets to support the broad requirements of the Fintech industry’s marketing, sales and internal communications requirements. This includes:

  • Marketing communications
  • Digital content - web, email, social, apps
  • Product demos
  • Sales presentations
  • Film and animation
  • Interactive content
  • Campaign collateral (web and print)
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Our work

Why not let our work speak for itself? View some of our product demos, digital content, interactive eBooks, events, online training and more by clicking below.

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